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Thứ Ba, 1 tháng 5, 2018

A glimpse of country side

For ones who have driven through Vietnam's country side, any single moment behind the wheel could remain long after in memory.

Unique scenes, friendly people, exrta-ordinary landscapes and series of living activities have taken visitors out of the blue, leading them unintentionally to saving precious moments into flashcards.

August, the month of colorful fields from flat deltas to highland villages. One could easily find green fields vastly running towards the skyline in the delta of Red River or shaping like an elevator from the highland terraces. From simple daily clothes of lowland farmers to flowerish ethnic costumes on highland lads, not only foreigners feeling surprised, but also local chaps outbusting astonished.

Here under are some snapshots of Vietnam's country side. This album comprises of two parts: (i) The living in lowlands, and (ii) Higland's terraces.

The living in lowlands

Friends of farmers

A farmer's lift-net fishing after the rain

The image of Vietnam's rural always goes along with this animal

Cone hats are the most popular signature of Vietnam's rural 

Field-side rice threshing work 
"Duck cottage", where a farmer's household raising ducks

Papaya fruits symbolize "prosperty"

When the Internet comes to the village 

Mid-Autumn fruits

"Jacks in the country side" - a jackfruit tree

Young and energetic

Simply beaming

Mid-harvest chat

Higland's terraces

Hillside village

A peaceful moment

Sunset in a small village

Vietnamese silk ensemble and the turban

Playin' with rice

Twin mountains

The green valley

Waiting for the harvest...

The other side of the shadow

Where time stays still

Steps to heaven

Path to my village

A hideaway


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